The News… One Frame at a Time

Hi-Def News Caps was originally created to bring the very best screen captures to the anchors and news personalities for use on their personal websites and social media pages.

Hi-Def News Caps was spun off in April 2012 into an independent website—specifically to avoid malicious advertisements we could not control on our original blog—to create a safer site for our visitors.

We do this simply as a hobby, and to show our support and appreciation for the anchors in TV news.

Excerpt from original mission statement, 2009-2011:

We are NOT a “newsbabe site” (and will also cap male anchors upon request) and pride ourselves on the fact that we do NOT post embarrassing shots of anchors during their awkward moments as other sites do. We want this to be a place anchors can come to find content without the hassle or fear of seeing rude and negative comments, etc.

Charlie, Hi-Def News Caps founder