A Simple Goodbye

It’s the end of the road for me. I am officially retiring from HDNC. Things are essentially taking off for me in my personal and professional life, couldn’t be any happier at the moment. It’s hard to believe that I have been with HDNC for 2.5 years. It’s been a great ride doing this niche of a hobby.

There are certain people that I’d like to thank. First, CharlieB/sugarbritches, thanks for bringing me on board. Next, gotta thank SlashAsterisk, he’s the one that got me into this capping business.

Finally, current guy running this thing, Chris. Thanks for everything that you’ve done in the background, i.e: moving our site from blogger to here. The time and effort that Chris has put into this blog is still beyond me, AWESOME job! I can’t thank you enough for the contributions you have made.

I also have to mention the anchors for doing what they do and allowing us to capture them “..one frame at a time.”

Finally, I gotta thank everyone who has visited and commented on the blog.

If anyone wants to contact me, the best way is twitter: @LJ_Chi

Yeah, I’m not very good at good-byes. So with that said, LJ signing off for the very last time.


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Meeting Christina Park

In 2007, Christina Park joined the Fox5 News team in New York. When she started anchoring the Good Day Wake Up and First Editions is when I first found what a gem she was early in the morning to start the day. Her personalilty, sense of humor and professional abilities had me hooked. I went so far as to look her up on the internet and that is how I found ReporterCaps, which is where TvNewsCaps and HDNC were sort of born out of. I found her original cap thread and many of her fans from her CNN days bemoaning the lack of caps since she had moved on. I had the equipment to provide the screencaps and posted a few, thinking that was really all I was ever going to do. But that was only the beginning, obviously.

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