Comcast Did Some Stupid Shit Again

Bad news.

First of all, I’m a Comcast customer, and recently my TV service was transitioned to H.264—a compression format—in my area. While the compression is bad enough, Comcast have taken it a step further—nearly all of their native 1080i channels have been down-converted to 720p! I’ve already noticed quite a substantial loss of picture quality.

This obviously means that all of my video clips on Hi-Def News Caps from now on will be of much lower quality.

Although I’ve been aware of their transition to H.264, nowhere have I seen beforehand any official statement regarding a drop in resolution to 720p for their HD channels. In fact the only mention I’ve seen about this from Comcast is this random post by a supposed employee on their support forum. The picture quality has dropped to such an extent that it looks no better than a live web stream, and that appears to be exactly the point—Comcast is prioritizing online content delivery, and TV is taking the biggest hit to make that happen.

I am not at all happy about this. So now what? Well, I have two options:

1. Deal with it!


2. Drop Comcast and switch to DIRECTV.

We’ll see…

Update, January 4, 2017: I chose option #2! 😈