The End

My time at Hi-Def News Caps is finally up. After 7 years, I no longer have the energy to continue.

As you can see, I have removed all of my video clip posts leaving a two-year gap. Unfortunately, I am no longer allowed to upload anymore video clips. Knowingly violating Vimeo’s terms of service, I knew this day would come sooner or later. So at this point, it’s time for me to stop. It has been a fun two-year experiment posting video clips at Hi-Def News Caps again. I hope you all enjoyed it while it lasted.

Thanks to Charlie for inviting me to join Hi-Def News Caps in 2010, and for allowing me to continue running it after he left. Thanks to LJ and SlashAsterisk for helping me in the early days of the new (current) site. Thanks to all of you for visiting our site. And thanks to the TV news anchors and personalities who have reached out to us over the years for their kind words and encouragement.

You are all awesome! Thank you all!


Update, May 6, 2017: I’ve decided to re-publish all of the video clip posts that I took down in case anyone still wants to save the featured images. However, keep in mind that all of the video clips were deleted as required by Vimeo, and none of them are accessible or viewable.

As mentioned previously, you’ll have to go back 2 years to the screen captures section for actual viewable content.