Brooke Baldwin — Week of July 23, 2012

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Another week, another Brooke Baldwin post.

I know, I know… I can hear you all shouting, “Dammit, Chris! Cap someone else for a change!” Yes, I have heard it all before. Aside from it being terribly obvious — and embarrassingly so, I will admit — that I like Brooke, I am edging closer and closer to my 300th day of caps featuring her. I first started capping Brooke in September 2010 as I am sure some of you who have been with us that long know, and I’ve been wanting to reach this mark for quite some time — kind of a personal goal.

Just 5 more days until I reach the 300 mark. Assuming Brooke will be in all of this week, I should reach 300 on Friday, and hopefully a post will follow on Sunday night or Monday morning. After that I am going to take a long hiatus from capping Brooke. Believe me, I am relieved to finally give myself a break.

So here you go — our penultimate Brooke Baldwin post. I hope y’all like the caps.

And one more thing: In case you missed it, here is Brooke’s (sometimes) weekly Q&A video, #WeekWindDown, for July 27th. KTHXBAI! 🙂