Requests (#003)

Erin Burnett

February 25

This is one of if not the first broadcast of OutFront from Studio 71—the “New Day” set.

Note: This clip is from the overnight replay, which doesn’t have the ticker and graphic at the bottom of the screen. However some segments were edited/shortened for the replay (there are cuts that I didn’t make in this clip) and the outro to the show is different from the live airing as well (Erin tosses to Piers Morgan instead of Anderson Cooper).

May 13

August 13

August 14

August 20

Extending My Break

As a result of Comcast’s compression and down-conversion scheme, I have now become a DirecTV subscriber! Actually, this is a return as I was a DirecTV subscriber 15 years ago. Glad to have them back.

However, the capture device I’ve ordered is out of stock everywhere. I’m currently waiting for the device to be shipped, which might not be until the end of the month. That means I’m forced to extend my “break” by another month. Sorry, everyone. Until then, I’ll continue posting year-old Brianna Keilar clips as promised.

Best wishes to Brianna. And happy new year to you all.

Comcast Did Some Stupid Shit Again

Bad news.

First of all, I’m a Comcast customer, and recently my TV service was transitioned to H.264—a compression format—in my area. While the compression is bad enough, Comcast have taken it a step further—nearly all of their native 1080i channels have been down-converted to 720p! I’ve already noticed quite a substantial loss of picture quality.

This obviously means that all of my video clips on Hi-Def News Caps from now on will be of much lower quality.

Although I’ve been aware of their transition to H.264, nowhere have I seen beforehand any official statement regarding a drop in resolution to 720p for their HD channels. In fact the only mention I’ve seen about this from Comcast is this random post by a supposed employee on their support forum. The picture quality has dropped to such an extent that it looks no better than a live web stream, and that appears to be exactly the point—Comcast is prioritizing online content delivery, and TV is taking the biggest hit to make that happen.

I am not at all happy about this. So now what? Well, I have two options:

1. Deal with it!


2. Drop Comcast and switch to DIRECTV.

We’ll see…

Update, January 4, 2017: I chose option #2! 😈