Update – July 21, 2016


Update: Schedule revised.

Here’s the next three weeks:

July 25
Poppy Harlow – July 23, 2016
Erin Burnett – June 27-July 15, 2016*
Kate Bolduan – June 27-July 6, 2016

August 1
Erin BurnettĀ – July 17-22, 2016
Kate Bolduan – July 11-15, 2016

August 8
Brianna Keilar – July-August 2015

*July 5-8 will be skipped.


Well, I said in the past that I wouldn’t do this but after thinking it over for a few months, I finally caved—I’m now accepting donations. Details are on the donation page. You’ll find the link to the donation page in the top right corner.

Update – June 30, 2016

Here’s the schedule for the next three weeks:

July 5: Kate Bolduan – May 16-June 3, 2016
July 11: Kate Bolduan – June 6-24, 2016
July 18: Brianna Keilar – July 2015

Unfortunately I don’t get CNN International in my cable subscription so I can’t post clips of State of the Race. I have been watching it on CNNgo, though, and it’s a damn good show. Kate’s in her element; she’s amazing as a solo anchor. Definitely worth watching if you aren’t already.

As mentioned in previous updates, Brianna Keilar clips return in July. I’ll post as much clips from 2015 as I can this summer.